Emalyn’s Baptism

April2013 026
Before I knew it, God prepared her heart….
This is the second time I meet Kuya Molong Nacua. He has a trip here in Butuan city which is near to my area and not only him I meet but also the disciples he make before. In two days after I meet Kuya Molong and the disciples I decided to be buried again and this time is the last time that I get buried (baptism of the water). And the first person came to my mind is my younger sister. I need to make her a disciple of Jesus. My sister Emalyn trust me so much. In fact I’m the one who also brought her to the institutional church. And she become more religious person. But, praise God it’s not too late.
Today we move to our new place, together with my sister Emalyn and our baby boy Jackson Allen.
Tonight we the Church gathered again.
The time before ,me and my husband going to our gathering I invite Emalyn if she wants to go with us?, ” she say yes”. I told her we are going to bury dead people today and you can bring clothes so you are prepared when you are ready to get buried. My plan is to bring her and let the other disciples to make her disciple. Thank you Lord after Albert make her disciple she get buried. God prepared her heart. Before I forgot, Emalyn is staying with us in our new home. Me and my husband is her parents in Lord.


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