The Great Commission

Understanding “The Great Commission”

My understanding of being a disciple and making disciples of Jesus Christ has been changed after I meet this man named Molong Nacua from Cebu. I believe he is the answer of my long time prayer of how to be and to make a disciple of Jesus. I study the Bible for 10 years through Bible studies, attend different institutional church events and go to church every Sunday. I’m getting tired. In spite of that honestly, I don’t remember I bring even one soul to Jesus to be His disciple. I don’t have spiritual parents like in Ephesians 6:1 parents in the Lord. I know Matthew 28:19-20 which is the reason why I am here on earth. But what I learned in the institutional church is this: Matthew 28:20-And teaching them to obey everything I commanded you …and then verse 19, baptized them. Before you get buried through baptism of the water you need to go to the church building every Sunday and do Bible study of a lesson for the baptism of the water. But, now when I realized and I believe it’s the Holy Spirit speak to me that how can a spiritually dead man understand the Bible?. Only the Holy Spirit can let us understand what the Bible says.
I accept I am one of the reason why Jesus didn’t come yet lol..because I get stuck in the religious teaching..and DON’T do my real calling, funny but it’s true.
My problem is I don’t know how to start in making disciples because first of all me myself is not disciple of Jesus, only a church member. Jesus commanded to go into all the world and make disciples, not church members. Making a disciple is something simple and quick.
Before I truly understand my real calling (Matthew 28:19-20) and (Romans 6:1-4) I got baptized two times, lol.


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