Dodong’s Baptism

Dodong's Baptism

Try to be UNBELIEVER….
Two days after we move to our new place which its near in the beach. My sister Anabel with her baby boy, my younger brother Dodong, my cousin Michelle and Michelle’s friend Marilou visit us. Actually, the day before I invite them to come visit us and have a swim in the beach.
Emalyn,Michelle and Marilou gone swimming. About 20 minutes the girls gone, Dodong is preparing to follow them. Before he walk through the door I asked him something. And I invite him to sit down again.
“I said, since in three days you going back to Bohol I want you to be disciple of Jesus. “He said ha? what is that? disciple?”. My answered is “did you remember the twelve disciples of Jesus?”. “He said yes”. Okay, “do you believe Jesus Christ has been saved you 2000 years ago?”. His answered is “NO”. I said do you remember in Catholic they have this picture of Jesus in the cross that happened 2000 years ago. I asked him again, do you believe Jesus Christ died for your sins? He said yes. Do you believe that you are dead spiritually because of your sins. He is a little bit confused of what dead spiritually means. I give him a simple explanation about spiritually dead. I asked him they same question and he answered “yes”. Are you willing to stop sinning? “yes”. ” what are we going to do with your sins? He cannot answer. Okay, “what are we going to do with dead people?”. He said, bury them”. ” Are you willing to be buried with your sins so you can have new Life through Jesus Christ?”. “Yes”. Okay, let’s go, we will bury you.
Dodong, has no influence with the institutional church. He didn’t read the Bible. But he trust me.


Mario’s Baptism

Mario's Baptism
Graduation picture…..
The day after my brother Dodong get baptized.
My younger brother Mario come to our apartment to get his grade school graduation picture. While having our conversation. I asked him why he almost get baptized before? “He said, because they say something bad about me and I get hurt”. Ah okay, so would you like to be disciple of Jesus? “yes”. To make it short I asked him they same questions that I used to my brother Dodong and all Mario’s answered is ” Yes”. So we buried him immediately. Before he go back home, I remind him that we are not bringing him to any religious group but in the Kingdom of God and whatever denomination you belong right now remember your identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Mario has a little influence with the institutional church. Like Dodong, he trust me.